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alright i knew id be seeing some interesting and new things being on deployment to a different country. but this has just blown my mind and cant stop thinking bout it. now im not supposed to give details bout what i do here even though it aint much at all really but what ever opsec cant give details but im saying this cuz i just gotta and no one here with me gets it maybe its not having kids of there own idk.

today we were driving to a spot and well traveling down the highway we were past by a truck with a family in it and the kids 2 of them one my sons age another a little older so were talking 9mo and 4 years id say these kids were but they were sitting on the dash! the baby was on the dash in front of the driver playing with the visor and the 4year old was sitting on the airbag for the passenger. i had to do a double take i couldn't believe what i had just seen. and this is on one of the most dangerous highways in the world we had a brief that we d see that but i thought it was an exaggeration. they passed us like we were standing still and we were doing 130kph and they flew past us. we see new accidents every day body parts litter the roads at times cuz these people dont wear seat belts and fly everywhere. all i can think of is what happens when that truck wrecks them kids are done. now when i say truck i mean SUV it was a toyota land cruisers plenty of room for car seats in the back.

im just shocked and appalled idk how u could put ur kids in danger like that

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The value of human life varies from one country and/or culture to another, but that kind of stuff happens here in the US, too. I remember seeing a woman driving a ragged-out t-top Cutlass down a fairly busy city street while her kids stood on the passenger seat with their heads sticking out of the t-top.

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