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Idea For A Different Craw Bait

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Well i caught a crawfish yesterday, while collecting specimens for my invertebrate zoology class. and while holding it in my hand, it postures up with its claws up in the air. kinda hard to explain, but hopefully you guys get it.

my thought is, when the craw is on the bottom of the lake, and a fish noses down to it, it is going to have this same reaction (or just flee)

Im just surprised there isnt a rubber bait, that holds this posture, also more dense because when i dropped the craw into my tank it held the same posture and fell very slowly.

I would think a company would have a dense plastic craw in this position, maybe they already do and i just dont know about it?

I realize this is pretty complicated and regular plastic craws work just fine, im just surprised a company hasnt done this to "catch" the fishermen yet.

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a Mop Jig does this exact motion. I like taking a Mop Jig and putting a Rage Tail Chunk on the back of it. When the Jig hits the floor those Round Rubber strands flare out just like a crayfish.

Also just as MonteSS said, Shakey Head imitates this as well.

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When you rig your a craw trailer on a jig....rig it so the body goes around the first bend of hook. Hard to explain, but try it and you'll see what I mean. This will make the pincers stand up too.

This is a trick I saw from Al Linder on In-fisherman decades ago...I still do it and it still works!!!

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