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Pelican 10' Pontoon .. Shopping! Quick Questions..

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I'm currently talking to this guy over email, and I'm considering setting up a time to go check it out in person.

CL Ad link: http://columbus.crai...2961839635.html

Just a few quick questions regarding this used Pelican..


I can't find this boat anywhere in this color to verify the age and estimated value on what it would sell for nowadays. The seller says it is around 9yrs old. Was just curious if anyone knew if they made them in this color and if the age is correct. It looks like a light blue, and I've yet to see a Pelican in this color


Seller says he has a title, but says he's lost the registration paperwork. Can I just call the local ODNR/Watercraft division field office & have the reg numbers ran to make sure it's on the up & up?


What all do you need to fully transfer a boat purchase over from one person's name to another? On the back of of my registration for my canoe it says to "sign and hand over to new owner" but with a title this might be a stickier subject of getting a notary, etc.

Appreciate the info in advance, this is my first watercraft purchase and Craigslist can sometimes be a jungle out there! LOL :dazed-7:






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I didn't know those little boats even had titles. The craigs list said Minn Kota trolling motor, but the picture is obviously a Motor Guide. That Little Buddy depth finder is a pretty cool toy - assuming it works. From experience I know that those are easy to smash up and break.

I don't know, assuming that there aren't any cracks in the plastic or stuff like that I'd probably go ahead and get it. I would dicker about the price some, maybe.

You'll want to run the trolling motor off the front if possible, on the theory that it is easier to pull a chain that it is to push it. You will want to rig up some sort of rudder for it, but there are threads in this section that explain how to do that.

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Alright, sounds good. He's offered up some other gear to close the gap after some negotiating. He's willing to include a Humminbird Portrait (used) w/ transducer & a Sears Diehard trickle charger. He's pretty fixed on his price. I also quizzed him about the troller and it's a Motorguide that comes with it. Seems like a decent little package now. Only drawback is I'm also out of pocket for the registration but can't have everything and that's cheap.

So when buying a used boat, do I need to get anything from him in writing since he lost his registration paperwork? I don't want to close the deal just to find out I need him with me or something when I attempt to re-register it in my name.

I'm not sure why he has a title for this thing. This is copied straight from Ohio Division of Natural Resources Watercraft Division:

Titling of Watercraft & Outboard Motors

(ORC 1548.03 & 1548.01)

No person is permitted to sell, purchase or otherwise acquire any of the following without a certificate of title:

(Exempt from the titling requirement)

*watercraft less than 14 feet in length with a permanently affixed mechanical means of propulsion of less than 10 horsepower

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