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Anyone Ever Use These On A Dropshot?

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The Dropshot is my number one producer,because of this,Its my Favorite and also my "GO TO"

I can fish my lake and come up with just about anything that swims in this lake. Ive caught Rainbow Trout in the depths when its 100 plus degrees out and the Trout are supposed to be dying from the heat. Ive Caught Bluegill,Green Sunfish and of course Bass,alot of Dinks,but Bass,nonetheless.

Picked up these baits at Sportsmans warehouse. Never knew they existed,and really stumbled upon them on accident. Ive searched the internet and it seems these are discontinued,cant find them anywhere else.$1.99 per Jar of 5 baits was a deal to me.Each bait is 3 inches long,and they are "Salty Craw" flavored

I normally throw a 3" inch Berkley Dropshot worm(Looks like a really small,slender Senko) and I pull in Dinks left and right. This bait has a little bit of a larger,meatier profile,so Im hopin I can get into some better fish.Plus,if they work,theyll last forever,as long as I put them back in the jar.

Anyone use them with success?


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I've never used them, but they certainly look promising. However, with over 5 lbs. of ds plastics already, I don't think I'll be trying them any time soon! Guess I'll be sticking with my Roboworms for a while yet. Thanks for bringing this to our attention anyway. DS plastics (and now pork) are more addictive than crankbaits!

So many lures.....so little time! :)

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I haven't fished those particular pork baits in a drop shot presentation. But I've fished other slightly longer pork baits drop shot style. In my opinion, as long as you kept them moving they worked ok, i.e. I got about as many strikes as any other drop shot I was moving. Now when I stopped it in place and jiggled it for a few moments, I found the pork baits got a little "droopy", they didn't stand out from the hook as I would have liked them to. So, I don't fish pork baits on drop shot rigs much any more.

However, I think those baits would be a great finesse trailer on a 3/16 or 1/4 oz finesse jig. Just my thoughts.

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