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Hey Everybody,

I'm new here, but have done some searching around and wasn't able to find just what I was looking for, so maybe some of you could point me in the right direction. I'm a UNH student and I'm interested in finding a fishing partner or club to join. I've only been at it about a year now, but have started the season off with good success, caught my largest LMB a few days ago. Just looking for some locals to fish with, learn from, and enjoy the outdoors with.


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A club isn't a bad idea as a non-boater. You'll learn a lot, and have a good time while making some new freinds. Also, like you said, just getting out with different guys will get you some good learning experience. We happen to have a pretty cool bunch of guys that are good fishermen in our area and on this board. At one time or another, I've personally fished with most of the guys in the New Hampshire section, and have met some great people that I enjoy fishing with very much. I would suggest just fishing as much as you can, and grab a partner whenever possible. Check out our ongoing thread about Southern NH. Lots of good stuff in there, and all the guys are more than happy to help out, myself included.

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Much appreciated, Shane. Been keeping an eye on the local threads, hoping to get together with the eastern mass folks whenever that comes together. This is my first full season reason getting into bass fishing, so far its started out pretty well. I'll be looking around here and fishing as much as possible, already spoken to a few people from the area. Glad to have found this place.

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