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Dobyns 705Cb Glass Crankbait Rod And Others - Detailed Question

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Hey guys, okay I have a fairly detailed question here. Hoping to hear primarily from guys with experience fishing Dobyns Champion Series Glass crankbait rods and other glass rods past and present.


I have personally owned a Dobyns 705CB glass crankbait rod for a year and a half. And, although I absolutely love the rod and have improved as a crankbait fisherman I think in part due to the rod. I find I have a few questions regarding the action of the Dobyns glass rod and other glass rods in comparison.

Understand, this question mainly comes up as I need to contemplate what to do as my Dobyns unfortunately has 2 busted guides right now, and I am in need of a crankbait rod for the coming weekend tournament. There is not enough time to get replacement guides from Dobyns (which I know they will provide for free) and to get them installed by tournament time.

Anyway, here are the questions:

1. Do you guys buy into the notion that glass crankbait rods allow the bait to "hunt" or in general have better action than graphite crankbait rods? It seems at this point in my fishing career that my Dobyns glass rod has produced more fish than the graphite crankbait rods I've had in the past. Could be my imagination - but, I think it bears out in my results. Anybody else experience this?

2. Do you really feel that Dobyns rods have a "traditional" type glass rod type action? Its rated as a fast vs. a moderate or moderate fast action that many other glass crankbait rods are? I always kind of feel like the Dobyns - specifically the 705 CB glass that I have - has just a ton of backbone and actually that the tip responds kind of fast or faster than maybe I want or expect from a glass rod?

3. Do you have any other suggestions for a great glass crankbait rod? I would prefer it to be comparable in weight to my Dobyns, and in the $100 - $250 range. Any comments on the Phenix X-10? Or, should I just stick with my Dobyns?

Thanks guys, and sorry for the long-winded question. Please don't feel that you need to answer all or any of the questions for that matter!

P.S. - for the record, my full crankbait setup in question is the Dobyns 705CB glass with a Shimano Curado 200E5 - used primarily for medium running cranks like Norman Middle Ns, Rapala DT-6 and DT-10, and Wiggle Warts.

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