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Mixing Fish Attractants/scents

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I started using Megastrike just a few years ago,and I really like it. A few years later I got some stuff called Pro Cure Super Gel in the Trophy Trout scent.I like this stuff too.

Since I like both products,I have been thinking about setting the Megastrike out until it becomes runny,and topping off my 1/2 bottle of Pro Cure with the Megastrike and then mixing the 2 together. Put it in the cooler for a few minutes and the Megastrike should have solidified a little. So anyone ever done this with their favorite attractants? Am I stepping into the Catfishing realm,LOL?

Im not too sure about doing this mixture based on the possibilty of chemical compounds in each attractant having an adverse reaction,causing the whole mess to turn into a pure liquid that is no longer Gel Like with the ability to adhere to the baits im using it on.

Suppose I could just do each application of attractant on a bait individually...

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Sometimes when I look at the deck of my boat and see 20 plus rods, I realize I am over thinking what to use instead of where to use it. You may be doing your very own version of this with scents. Scents should be last of your thoughts, if you have everything else locked down then keep your scents separate….

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Makes sense...I can put all the scent I want on a bait,isn't gonna help a durn thing if there aren't any fish present.

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Interesting post and theory. Never thought of it before as MegaStrike and JJs Magic are excellent by themselves.

In his book, Knowing Bass - The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish, Dr. Keith Jones of Berkley rates various scents and flavors in a lab setting to have as many factors the same for each test.

As Catt has told me, Dr. Jones' tests may not produce the same results in "wild water" however Dr. Jones' findings are interesting.

A few of Dr. Jones' observations first, without going into great detail as he does in his book:

1. Bass can smell and taste sugars, salts, alcohols, acids, bitter substances like quinine and many environmental polutants. Bass exhibit sensitvitity to all four of the basic taste sensations (sweet, salty,sour and bitter) common to humans.

2. Bass respond to common flavors shown as feeding response magnitude percentages:

Worm Extract 100%

Sugar 3%

Garlic 2%

Anise 1%

Salt 3%

Prey salt Mix 3%

3. Bass' chemoreception sensors cannot allow certain molecules into the bass' smell and taste systems so an oil based product may not work as well as non-oil products.

4. Fast-disolving, water-based topical fish attractants (mostly liquids) disperse fast and relatively far because of their high water miscibility ancan reachbass, alerting them to the prresence of food and arouse them to a more aggressive feeding state.

5. He has a bar chart which illustrates the effects of adding scent to crankbaits. Without scent the average number of strikes is 21. With scent the number of strikes increases to 45. If you add average lure retention he found that without scent the bass hold the crankbait about .4 seconds while with scent they hold the bait for .9 seconds.

I purchased a small blender to grind up some Nightcrawlers to make Dr. Jones' recommended natural worm scent but have not done so to date. I may do it for my next tournament on Lake Gaston ust to see how it works.

Yes, it seems gross to do this but if it works, so much the better.

Sorry to have confused the issue but I thought that if you are going to experiment with scents you need to know what bass like and don't like.

Be sure to post your results.

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