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Rage Tail Toad

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Heard these things were killer so i picked up a pack of green pumpkin pearl and watermelon red flake and a pack of 5/0 hooks. How are these fished? Top water at a steady pace? Where at? Just on the edge of moss or weeds? I plan on using them in farm ponds! Just looking for some tips/tricks! Thanks!

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These are fished like a buzz-bait. Reel in fast enough to keep the bait moving along the surface with the legs paddling and stirring/splashing the water. Fish them anywhere you want, but you will likely have most success in grass, pads or on edges of both.

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Iv fished them fast across the top, stop go retrieve diving it a few inches on the pause, slow and steady, iv used them as a swim jig trailer in muddy water, and texas rigged. When fishing them as a texas rig i have noticed the descend very slow even with a decent weight on there but it works good for waters I fish. I find it Trigged on a 3/8 tungsten weight pegged swam on the bottom invading bedded bass killer along with pitching it into log jams and such. After all frogs do spend most there time under water not spitting and sputtering across the surface. Play with it and think out side the box you wont be disappointed.

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