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South Point Joy And Sadness

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I walked to the southern point of my lake this morning. Second or third cast out caught a small mouth on a Spook. The next few casts they were hitting but nothing doin. Then I got a second smallie. So I moved over to the right about 10 feet and started throwing there. They were hitting but not enough to connect. Once bass knocked my lure 3 times and still didn't hook. I went to cast in front of some trees lining the bank I was on and wham...buzzzzz. Oh yeah! The sweet sound of my Spook catching a limb and my baitcaster getting a birds nest.

Oh it was so beautiful, the fish were popping the water like crazy and the bass were chasing them hard. A couple even lept out of the water. And here I was trying to get my Spook back (could never get it down) and fixing my line. I lost a good 20-25 minutes and my confidence/zone dropped to zero. I grabbed my other rod and tried a popper. Then I tried a spinnerbait. They weren't even chasing that one.

Finally, I put a Yum stick bait (black/blue flake) and quickly caught the next 3. One of them I threw out the lure, went to grab a cigarette, and in a split second he/she took off with it. A 3 pounder. Changed to a Yum red shad ribbon tail 10" and caught 2 more. By this point it's 9:45am (got there at 6:30) so I packed it up to walk home. But, I thought I should try my smokin' rooster one more time. Should have just walked home.

I checked all my sides for casting clearance and thwak....buzzzzz! Needless to say the smokin rooster didn't survive but I got my hook back. Turn our that there was a tree behind me with a limb hanging just close enough the my lure buzzed it. Not sure how I missed that one.

I love that point but it's so compact over there and it takes me 45 minutes to walk there. I did break my record for total fish caught at that point in a single outing and in a record time just 3 hours. For me that's really good. If I hadn't lost my spook, though, I could have had more. Oh, well.

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