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4" Rage Grub And Gentleman Tom

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Fishing Rhino (Gentleman Tom) recently sent me a message regarding the 4" Rage Grub and I thought his information on presentaion especially in regards to rigging and targeting Culverts when fishing was very interesting! Here are some of his comments...


For the depth of water I'm currently fishing, four to twelve feet, the 3/32 ounce jig head works nicely with your grub.

Yesterday I went to a local pond which is tough to fish, for me anyway. Usually by June I cannot catch a cold let alone a fish on this pond. I found a few here and there using the grub as described above.

Then I tried a concrete "culvert" which passed under a highway that was about eight feet wide with a concrete wing on each side that retained the bank.

I stayed there for over an hour casting into or near the opening between the two wings, and caught a fish on nearly every cast in four to five feet of water.

The odd thing is this concrete tunnel runs from the pond into a smaller pond on the other side of the highway. It's not far from the launch ramp, and I can pass through it with a canoe which I plan to try in the next few days.

There was nothing of notable size, the largest being a few around two pounds. Most of them were largemouth, but a half dozen or so were smallies.

Why the fish seem to be so finicky everywhere else in the pond is beyond me. It's a good sized pond, about five miles long and two miles across at the widest point. Lots of rocks along the shore and a few rocky shoals. All have deep water nearby. Some of the shoals have short vegetation as well.

It looks like it should be loaded with fish, but it's sure difficult to get them to bite, save for that one culvert.

Anyway, try your grub as I described above and let me know how you make out.


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