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Swimbait Question....

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I have started to use swimbaits much more lately and have been trying different ones. The other day, I found one hung in a tree and pulled it down, gave it a try, and loved it. Problem is I lost it by the end of the day. I was hoping someone would be able to tel.l me who the maker was if I described it...

  1. Big jig head with a spiral wire around the hook shank to hold the bait on.
  2. Jig head was white with what looked like a speckled blue tip... almost looked airbrushed.
  3. Body was pretty much sexy shad colored with a hollow body about 6" long.
  4. Eyes were hard and seemed to be on the body and then another layer applied over that body to seal the eyes and color in.

I have no idea who made it and I know the description is vague but I was... well... shooting in the dark... Just hoping for someone to know what I am talking about 'cause it looks like I don't. :tard:

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Sounds like a yum money minnow I know they have a 2 layer hollow body and someone probably put it on a jig head they come in 3.5 , 5 , 6 inch I believe

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I do believe you are right. Thanks.

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