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Nashua Nev

Looking Lightweight Canoe Info.

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i have a 14 foot old town canoe about 20 yrs old. excellent condition but heavy 110lbs . I do have a wheel system for it and it works well. excellent for fishing, just heavy. I do put it in and out of my truck but it is a chore.

I also have a sit inside kayak. I find the kayak tough to fish from, but very lightweight at 38 lbs. easy portable etc.

I am looking for a lightweight and small canoe that i can carry. 8 ft ? 10 ft ? I am looking for manufactures, names etc.

will be used mainly for fishing by 1 person

the canoes i see are typically heavy and or big. i am looking for small and light. that i can carry thru the woods and over the stumps without using the wheels.


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Look into an Old Town Discovery 119. 11'9" 43 lbs., single seat. 32.5 " wide, can carry 500 lbs. Shorter/narrower might not give you enough stability. I would use a kayak paddle with it, too. good luck

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My canoe is a Radisson - 11'6", 38" beam, 34 pounds, with a (very thin) aluminum hull. Good for lakes and quiet water...but not a boat for rocky water. They make this boat as a 2-seater and as a solo. However, due to the short length and wide beam, it doesn't paddle real well (I motor mine). The 14' version probably paddles better but then you're up to 41 pounds.

There are quite a few light-weight boats out there, especially if you can afford something in kevlar...

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2x Radisson. Love my 12'. Light and tracks awesome. Plus has oar locks so I can out row any canoe/kayak guys on the water. And I can stand up and fish. As Goose said, do not use in the rocky rapids. Its made of thin airplane aluminum. they are hard to find on craigslist so if ya come across one jump on it. also search for 'sportspal' for similar make.

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If you want real light, check out Hornbeck Adirondack style canoes. A bit pricy but a Hornbeck 10 weighs 16 lbs.

Some other ideas:

Nova Craft Trapper solo is 29 -48 lbs depending on material

Mad River Angler is 45 lbs

Wenonah Wee Lassie weighs 29 to 37 lbs depending on material

Wenonah Argosy is 43 - 47 lbs

Bell Dragonfly is 23 lbs

Swift Adirondack Pack is 23 lbs

Swift Osprey is 27 - 42 lbs depending on material

But if you want advice about canoes, you are best off going to the experts www.paddling.net

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