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Central Va- Help!

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fished three days on my local lake this past weekend with little success. threw everything in the tacklebox. partner did as well. whats the deal?i usually turn out pretty good numbers of fish there. anyone else have these same results? there wasnt a cold front, or any other weather. sorta blue bird skies fri and sat. but sunday was a little windy and partly cloudy. what was i doing wrong? what can i do next time this happens?

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To start, central Virginiais a big area. Where are you?

What lake is it?

Give us some details about the lake.

Let us know what you threw and what time of day.

Then we can start to put the pieces together.

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Where ya located? I fish Leesville, SML, and several smaller places around CVa.

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sorry.. nottoway lake. outisde blackstone va.

throwing topwater frogs and poppers all morning. crankbaits.spinnerbaits. jigs. senkos, shakey heads. all over the lake. all depths. even had enough courage to throw the alabama rig. ended up with 6 bass in 3 days. coming off cranks and spinnerbaits. there was a little wind but only 5 mph tops.i actually prefer the wind like that.

i can usually go there and catch at least a dozen. small or decent size. there is usually always something biting. but three days straight with 6 total fish?

just wkndering if anyone else had simular results elsewhere

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