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Rec's On Depthfinder For My 10' Twin Troller

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Anyone have recommendations for a new electronic for my small boat? I fish mainly ponds or small creeks off rivers with it - I currently have an old Eagle 168 EX and would love to upgrade to something with DSI.. Let me know if you have experience with something that you really like... Thanks..


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Try a humminbird. They have everything from basic models to the full out color, side imaging, GPS ones. For what you are doing I would recommend one of the black and whites with a meter for water temperature on it. Its not the most basic but just about it. I have a humminbird on a fifteen foot aluminum boat we keep for fishing places like that and thats what we use and have been for years.

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I really like my lowrance elite 4x dsi. seemed to come in at a lower price than the humming birds. the detail with the dsi is amazing. sometimes i just troll around to see what i can see as far as cover then mark the spots on my navionics app on my Iphone so i can fishem later.

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The Lowance DSI units are good companions for a regular sonar unit if you fish. Pretty much worthless while fishing.

The imaging technology takes movement to "scan" so it you "just troll around to see what i can see", it works well.

If you want a single unit that has the down imaging and regular sonar, then the Humminbird DI units are the way to go. They are available in screen sizes: 3.5", 4,5", 5", 7", 8" and 10.4"

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