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New Fisherman Here

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hey guys i'm new to bass fishing. I'm better at saltwater fishing but am completely average. I have my dads old rod he doesn't use anymore and would like to start fishing Belews Lake in North carolina and need to know if i need to fix up my rod special and what bait to use.

also, whats the heaviest weight that's ok to use for bass? I am used to heavy weights for saltwater and like casting with them better. and what pound-test line should I use?

thanks and any extra tips or suggestions are welcome! including rod+reel setups

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Hey Tallguy. Welcome to the forum. If you want, you can introduce yourself in detail in the Introductions section.

Being tall and living in North Carolina = basketball. I would sumise you play basketball!

As for being a new fisherman, you will have a wonderful time learning the ins and outs of bass fishing.

Read all the articles on this site. Go to the various pro's web sites and read their articles. Check out www.woodaves.com for his articles. Great for beginners. Skip Woo's hawking of his products and just pay attention to what he says to do and the equipment paramaters he suggests.

There are many techniques and presentations to use for bass so there is no right or wrong weight question or line test strength. And there are specific rods for various techniques with high and low price tags.

So just sit back and check the posts on this site and read, read and read. In addition, get some DVDs and watch them plus join B.A.S.S. and FLW and receive their magazines.

Check out Bass Angler Magazine, Bassin' and Bass Times for the top bass fishing publications.

Good luck.

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Welcome tallguy. I would be lying if I said I knew anything about fishing in NC. But to answer a couple questions from a FL guy point of view: For weights I have never used anything over 1.5oz. And that I consider only for heavy punching. Mostly my weights will stay between 1/4oz and 1oz depending on what I'm doing. For line size I use different strengths and types depending on what I'm fishing. 60lb braid for heavy cover to 8lb test for open water. Figure out where you will fish and do some research before you buy. I don't know what kind of rod and reel you have so that question cannot be answered, and actually it all comes down to a matter of preference in the end. However, I always recommend Senkos (bait) to new anglers, there is nothing easier to catch fish with. Good luck.

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