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Help Identifying A Lure?

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A buddy of mine gave me this lure after I gave him a rather large spinning rod for tight lining cat with. I have NO idea who made it. There were no markings on the lure.

I can tell you this, it was about 2 3/4" long, weighed about 1/2 oz, it rattled, it cast out in darn near a straight line ass-first, like the rapala xrap's do, and it floated on top of the water level like a Heddon zara spook.

Long story short, a BIG bass snapped my line one morning on the first cast out at my new honey hole and the lure was gone.

I've looked at:


Strike King



Baker Lures (very close)



XCalibur (comes close)

Yo-Zuri (close second)

This thing was a real winner for me and never failed to catch a good bass. I hated to lose it.

I'm pretty sure it's a 1-3 years old, or somewhere in that ballpark of age. That might be why I can't find it any contemporary catalog. Any help would be seriously appreciated!




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sorry cant help ya that looks like a lot of topwater poppers missing the feather tail

looks like a dicouinted excalibar i have a shallow square bill crank that looks just like that only thing is mine says bill dance on 1 side and someone else on the other

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I started the same thread about a week ago on an offroad forum I frequent daily... A buddy of mine who does a LOT of fishing up in Wyoming apparently found it..


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