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Small Mouth Adventures!

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Hey everyone, Im pretty new here. Name is Tyler a.k.a Sniffles.

Really have loved the site so far, and have learned alot of things I didn't realize I even needed to know!

So I would like to share my latest and greatest small mouth story, Feel free to do the same! I love a good fishing story.

I normally do most of my fishing at sunset due to have a young child and having to be at work by 10am 6 days of the week.

However! I had enough of the night time fishing and it had been over a year since I got to get up with the morning birds. So Tuesday night it was decided. I would wake up at 5am and get to it. My neighbor Joe felt the same and decided to sacrafice his sleep with me.

Wednesday morning came, It was calm and beautiful weather. However due to Joe oversleeping we got a bit of a late start, but were still able to get packed up by 6am. Our normal fishing hole is only half a mile down the road from our houses, So we got our yaks on their perspective dolly and got to walking.

Arriving at the creek just a tad later than we wanted, we rushed into the water to get to it. 10 minutes later after picking our weapons of choice and having a quick smoke we got to it.

Our set-in spot sits just north of some nice sized rapids. However due to the nice trail we maintain and concrete pad we laid. it is a popular fishing spot for the younger kids in the neighborhood and is fished out. normally only producing the small and occasional blue gill.

I decided that I had waited long enough and would go ahead and cast around a few times before heading down stream to a spot we call "Bass heaven". Armed with my Bass Stopper Magnum worm, I started throwing around the weeds and brush and as usual nothing was happening. Joe was ready to move on, I however was not, I told him one more cast and then we will go. So I picked the one spot not yet tried, about 3 feet from the first rapid.

After a nice 50 foot cast out, I let the worm sink and settle on a nice big rock. I gave her two good tugs and BAM! FISH ON BABY!

I new immediately this was going to be my best fish of the day, This fish made me realize why people loved Small Mouth fishing so much. He spun my kayak around and pulled me up stream about 20 feet before I could manage to get him to the surface. When he got there my face lit up. It was my best out of this creek all year. I pulled him into the Yak and after un-hooking I gave him a nice shoulder rub in the water, told him to come see me again and sent the beauty on his way.

Joe however did not have much luck, only bringing in a couple 2lb'rs.

It was an awesome day and I cant wait to get out on another morning trip and get my next one!


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They do like to fight

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My adventures involve finding my two unemployed friend who tend to do nothing but fish all day right now. Guess a gov severance pays the bills. Anyway I'll go find them after work most days and hear stories of how they've spent all day catching like five fish. I'll then join them, catch five fish in the first 30mins while they deal with tangled lines and missed hits.

Sometimes it's nice to the real angler of the group.

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