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Getting Frusterated!!

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Hey guys! New to the board, always read, never posted but I wanted to chat a little bit.

I am having a kinda frusterating tournament season sooo far this season. Ive placed in the money several times but just am not satisfying myself or fishing up to my standards which goes for everyone I'm sure but I have been one fish away so many times this year! But anyway it seems like I am having trouble getting those necessary "big bites" this year. Fishing deep is my thing, if I can but I am not oppose to shallow at all. But anyway just this past weekend I prefished a lake I won on last year. The area I won on last year was pretty much dried up so I had to find some new juice. I found a great (or so I thought) underwater weed point, weed transitions/breaks/ and drop offs. I caught one giant in the little I fished these areas and a few good fish in the breif time I fished em. Tournament day rolls around I catch nothing but ALOT of 13-16 inches and bring in a sack that puts me in the middle of the field. I talked to many of the teams that I knew and we were all doing the same thing as far as areas we were fishing. They got the big bites I didn't. Long story short, what do you guys do to get big bites? From baits, to areas you look for? Remember these arent your typical resevoirs, there are weeds instead of shell beds. lol Alot of natural lakes as well. But anyway, looking forward to the feedback...

I know fish move from day to day, hour to hour...But when the top five teams are doing what your doing it makes me confused, and I dont like that!

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