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Softbaits during this time of month

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Ok, I know during these colder months the bass start feeding generally on baitfish such as shad etc. So rapalas, luckycrafts, spinnerbaits work well now because they give the appearance of a baitfish. But what about baits such as the houdini shad, and other soft "baitfish like" imitators, will they work in the cold months also? I have seen a soft stickbait made by YUM with a fishtail on the end of it, and I wondered weather that would be a good choice now too. Also I have heard of smoke and white senkos working good in the cold weather. So what do you guys think? Are soft baits like these a good choice in the cold? Or is sticking with spinnerbaits/rapalas a better idea? And if softbaits like these are a good choice, do you fish them as you would fish a rapala? Or do you fish it like you would an average senko? Let me know what you guys think.

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Baitfish imitating plastics will work in cold water.  Like any bait, you need to put them where the bass are.

I personally do not throw too many soft baits in cold water, but when I do, I'm usually pitching around wood or using a Crig and usually after I have located fish holding areas with other baits and the bite has slowed down.

I have a friend who uses the shad colored Ring Frys on Crigs in the fall and he does quite well on them.  


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