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Lake Anna Va.

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Hey everybody !!!

We just got done with our first meet and greet here in Va. at a very windy but still beautiful Lake Anna this past weekend.

We met a great group of people that had a blast fishing on Saturday.

I met Traveler, Zoff, Aj, Steve Castel, Endless, Sam, Chris,

I had the chance to fish with Traveler, but I wish I could have fished with all of them, now that we have met I look forward to more opportunities to do just that.

The lake was rather windy with 30mph gust's but that did not keep us from fishing at all.

We headed out at 7am and fished until 4pm then had a cookout afterwards.

Some of the highlights of the day from my boat, and I hope others will show their pics and stories from the day, but I started out heading down lake to fish dike 3 as soon as we got to open waters the lake just kept getting rougher and rougher, by the time I reached my destination the waters were already white capping from the wind, I knew the return ports from the nuke plant were already going to be rough but the wind made it even more difficult, so we opted to head to the other side, better safe than sorry, so we fished some of the wind blown points and rocky banks with spinners and cranks or anything we could try and keep in contact with, by 8:30 my trolling motor batteries had all but given up, boat control was really tough, and it was getting unsafe to continue fishing, so we packed up and headed up lake to find some better fishing if we could.

The first contact with other people from the group came from Traveler, he had Aj and his Father Steve on the boat with him, so we motored over to see how they were getting along, it seems that Senko's were working pretty well for them and Steve had landed a couple of nice bass already, while we were taliking I had noticed there was a fishing line entangeled with Travelers boat, Traveler raised his engine and we found it was tangeled around his prop, the line was from a fishing rod that someone had put out for catfish it had a hot dog slice attached for bait, as I worked the entangelment free the line suddenly unraveled itself and the hook caught my index finger, fortunately it only penetrated about an inch and came back out, glad I keep a first aid kit on the boat !!

They were up 3 to 2 on us we eneded up with a total of 4 on the day but wait until you see the monsters we had in the boat !!

So my daughters boyfriend and I headed around the corner to fish some grass and some small cover, we found a pattern that started working for us, spinners just along the outside of the grass line gave us two more in a small cove, but my trolling motor batteries had nothing left to offer and even the smallest breeze, we could no longer handle, so we packed up and headed for the launch to retrieve another battery that I had to borrow from my camper, by this time we were running out of time to fish some other areas that we would have liked to fish, so we took a shorter route to see if we could get lucky enough and find them on some deeper stumps but yet again the wind kept us from being able to do that too, we continued on into the cove we were in and just finished out the day and ran into a second pairing of guys, Sam and Endless, when I asked Sam how many he replied 10 with one nice one Endless had caught, he then asked me how many we caught, I replied 50, have you ever experienced that moment of silence when your not sure of what to say or how to respond, imagine that moment and the look on their faces before I told them, na just kidding only 2, bass that was, we had 4 total.

That was pretty much how our day went but it was a total blast inspite of all the troubles.

And now for the fun part,

This was Friday night before the tournament of fun on Saturday, this was close to 4lbs, I pulled it out behind a lay down using a Siebert Outdoors 1/2oz jig that I put a little bit of chart in the skirt, the skirt was black with some browns mixed in, I had to have the wife double check the scale since I did not have my specticals with me.


Here is my daughters boyfriend with his first bass of the day, we did not use a scale but I am guessing about a pound to a pound and a half, but just wait until you see the monsters he caught earlier that day !!!!!


This is me holding a 2lb beautiful large mouth bass, isn't she pretty !!!


And now ladies and gentelmen, as promised, the 2 most amazing fish you will ever lay your eyes on !!!!



Did we not have fun or what !!!!


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We went out again on Sunday and I had the privilage to fish with Traveler while my family fished from my boat, we fished a hump first and Traveler caught one on a drop shot on top of the hump and a second one in the back of the creek we fished.

My youngest daughter caught 4 and I would like to share those with you also.

I did not bring a camera to show Travelers fish but both were in the 2lb range.





All smiles, luv ya lil baby girl !!!

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