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One Direction Crankbaits

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I recently purchased some off brand cranks online for next to nothing. Well when I threw one yesterday I realized why they were so cheap. They bear to the right when retrieved with any speed whatsoever. I use the same simple slip knot with all my cranks so I know that's not the reason. I took a real hard look at them and it looks like the lip is just slightly tilted to right side, so I assume that is what's causing the tendency to swim that way. Do any of you have any suggestions as to what I may be able to do to even their swim out? The only thing I've come up with is maybe putting a dab of epoxy or something like it on the side of the lip that is tilted to try to even it out. There's GOT to be a better idea than mine. I'd love to 'em!

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take a pair of pliers and bend the line tie in the direction you want the bait to run. In this case bend it slightly to the left and test it, it may take a time or two to get it perfect.

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If the eye adjustment does not work try heating the plastic bill and moving if very slightly with pliers but be careful not to melt or damage the bill with the heat or pliers.

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