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Late Fall Fishing Near Lake Placid

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I will be in Lake Placid next weekend (October 26th though the 28th) for a youth hockey tournament. Third straight year up there and this year will be the first time I'm thinking of bringing my gear and taking a shot at some smallies'

Coming up from Maryland, where as of this past week-end stil having some success fishing for smallies in the Susquehanna River Flats.

Basically looking for some local knowledge of lakes or rivers no more than 30 minutes from Lake Placid that could produce some small mouth action? if it's of the opinion of the locals its too late in the season and the bite is slow, or water is too cold, would like to know that too. One other thing when replying is that I will be fishing from the shorelines so public access would also be crucial to where I go. Any help would be much appreciated. Will bring the waders (and buy my one day NY non-resident fishing lis.)

Any and all insight would be much appreciated.

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Up here in the mountains, the fall pattern is well under way. I've had awesome days this month fishing suspending jerkbaits, flukes, and a dropshot.

It's not too late for smallies until the water is frozen!

As for a location: Make your way to the Ausable River. It has smallmouths. Most guys fly fish it. So, bring your waders, and trout gear too if you've got it.

Check this out for more info: http://www.flyangler...vers/ausableny/

Lake Placid and Saranac Lake both have good numbers of bass if you dont want to fish the river. Fish the public access spots, it's fall, so you might very well find some smallies right there near shore.

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Thanks for the insight. Excatly what I was looking for. Saturday the 27th seems like the day I'll have the most down time in between hockey games. Looking forward to it. May try the Ausable River first, then head towards Lake Placid.

Another question for you, if I may: have any luck using craw soft plastics this time of year (up your way of course)? Still using them down here in the MD rivers and the smallies love them. I like to use the YUM F2 Craw Papi watermelon / green pumpkin colors - Texas rigged.

Thanks again for the insight to where to fish

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The craw papi is a great bait, I've had good luck with them in the smaller rivers around here. I say give it a try, green pumpkin always worked for me when I threw them during the summer. It might be a good choice in the river, but on the lake I'd throw a suspending jerkbait to begin with, if you start finding fish then experiment in that area with your plastics.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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