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How Should I Pair Up My Gear To Get The Most Out Of It...

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This is a list of my rods and reels....


Abu Garcia Revo Sx 7:1:1

BPS johnny morris signature gold series LH 7:1:1

Abu Garcia SilverMax 6:4:1

Pfluger Trion Spinning Reel


Shimano Crucial 6'10'' medium heavy fast action

Abu Garcia SilverMax rod 6'6'' medium

Cheap spinin rod 6'

The way im currently using them now is:

Revo SX paired with the crucial and 40lb braid.... I use it for pitching and fliping....also top water....

SilverMax paired on SilverMax rod and 20lb flouroCarbon....Cranking, spinning, softplastics, worm

Pflueger Trion with cheap rod...10lb braid.....universal girlfriend rod......

Just bought the Johnny morris today....no rod

I was thinking of using the Gold series on crucial for flipping.....Other then that im unsure of how to get the most universal use out of my gear that i have. Id be open to buying more rods, different line etc... I was just curious how you guys would utilize this gear if it was all you had for now....Id like to use the Pfluger spinning reel for something as well since my girfriend dont fish much.

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If I may suggest that you look at making sure you have the following on hand:

Medium Heavy rod for flipping and pitching. This type of rod usually works better with a high speed reel

Medium action rod as an all around rod. This actions works well for topwater, senko's, and even jerk bait (but I prefer an extra fast tip for jerk baits). I would match that with a middle of the road speed reel, for example a 6.4:1

Medium light action to be used for tubes, finese, etc. Here again a middle of the road speed reel usually works well (6.4:1)

Medium action with a moderate tip for crankbaits. I would get a slow speed reel, preferabley 5.2:1 or slower reel.

With these four rods

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