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What Is This Wet Stuff Falling From The Sky

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It has been raining here in Kuwait off and on since around 330 am first rain since we have been here(April). at first it was just sucked up my the desert I mean even this morning at 5 am while I was at the track it was down pouring but the ground was dry it was the craziest thing I had ever seen raining hard but the ground just absorbed it like a sponge and never got wet or muddy and the sun wasn't even up yet. It just started getting wet out around 3 pm with a few puddles and mud but not much. Its just crazy how fast this desert will just suck up the moisture. Now If I was home I probably would have been miserable and trying to stay out of the rain but considering I haven't seen a cloud in the sky here ever till today let alone rain it was a nice change and not to mention it was the first day we didn't break 100*.

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Didnt know it ever rained in kuwait. Kind of interesting. Ill bet that was cool seeing how fast the ground soaked it up though.

Now I wodnt worry too much unless it starts snowing.

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yeah the ground sucking it up was the coolest part seeing it downpour but not be wet was crazy back home that much rain would have caused standing water all over and a few small streams to flood for like a day but here it just evaporated or was soaked up instantly. Now when I was in so cal for a month at Ft Irwin it never rained either it mudded lol mud would seriously fall from the sky it was so dusty and sandy with so much sand in the air when it rained which wasn't much it seriously dropped little mud/sand balls. Then there's Ft Drum and Camp Shelby them places the rain is like the size of a golf balls and never stops lol,

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