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Starting From Scratch

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Hey guys, I've been apart of the forums for a few years now. Never posted very much but have had several transactions over on the flea market. Just recently thought I'd start posting and venturing out into other parts of the forum. I thought I could get some advice from ya'll.

About a month ago I had ALL of my tackle taken from the trunk of my car along with my golf clubs. Needless to say I was pretty PO'd over it. Thankfully, everything is covered under insurance for the price of the deductible. I had ~$1500 worth of tackle alone taken. As much as I'll miss my old gear, I see this as a blessing in disguise. So as I wait for the insurance check to come through I'm trying plan ahead. Everything was a little helter skelter to say the least with my old gear. I figured I would start from the beginning and ask for any takes on tackle storage. I used to have about 6 or 7 run of the mill BPS 3700 boxes to hold cranks, spinnerbaits, topwaters, jigs. Basically had a large grocery bag full of soft plastics (it was a mess). I also keep a ton of stuff in my tackle bag such as tools, line conditioners, attractants, line, and so on. And don't get me started on terminal tackles, That was a crapshoot as far as storage goes. I was just wondering what you guys think is best as far as best tackle bag, types of boxes (i.e. FTO vs BPS), best soft plastic organization, and definitely terminal organization (definitely my weakness). Any thoughts would be great.



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When it comes to tackle bags I always say the same thing: of the reputable brands, choose the one that best suits your needs with regard to capacity, number of pockets and pocket size and configuration. I have a Cabela's bag in their Advanced Angler series which I like very much, but the fact that it was designed for my needs was more important than the actual brand. I'd say similar things about the boxes. Those are both reputable brands that likely would stand behind their product, so once again, decide your needs and go with what fits them the best.

I'm sorry about the theft of your gear.

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