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Chester County Bass Masters Classic, Northeast River, Maryland

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Chester County held it's 2 day Classic on the Northeast out of Anchor Sat/Sun Nov 3/4.

Weather played a major factor as the water temps had dropped 10 - 12 degrees in a week and Sandy had muddied the Upper Bay.

Saturday was Cold/Windy with air temps in the mid 30's and a steady 15 - 20 wind with gusts to 30 made main river fishing tough.

Water temps were 48- 49 ( down from 58 - 60 previous Sat. )

Partly cloudy all day.

The place was packed, any place to get out of the wind had multiple boats on it.

Day 1 leader Lou had 4 for 10 lbs. 2nd was Jerry with 3 fish for 9.5 and third was Sean 2 fish for 8 lbs.

Lunker day one was Stan with 4.89 lbs.

Day 2 saw more of the same cold/wind, air temps in the mid 30's, winds were still blowing a steady 15 with gusts in the 20's.

Overcast most of the day.

Day 2 saw Sean bringing 4 fish to the scales for 14.72 lbs, followed by Jerry with 5 for 12.56.

Day 2 Lunker was Sean with a 4.70

Sean pulled out the win in a close finish.

1st Place - Sean - 6 fish - 22.41 lbs. - 2nd Lunker - 4.70 lbs.

2nd Place - Jerry - 8 fish - 22.04 lbs.

3rd Place - Lou - 7 fish - 13.87 lbs

4th Place - Stan - 3 fish - 11.05 lbs. -1st Lunker - 4.89

5th Place - Steve - 2 fish - 8.17 lbs.


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