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Broke bass fisherman

Free Online Boat Safety Course

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Stumbled upon this this summer and I figured I would share it with you all. I don't know all the states it is valid in but it worked for me here in VA. Hope it works for you all.




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great!!! now I only have to convince my local Dept of Natural Resources to accept the course for FL(in PR, people from the US can drive cars with the license from any state) and give me the conference for the local laws!

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dude this site has helped me so much into taking care of getting my license. because of it I started looking for a way. 


unfortunately P Rico will not be giving the course for the license until march. I got my boat already and I NEED to have it ready and legal(even though I can go a risk a ticket) to fish!!!  anyways ive read the whole Law regarding marine navigation in PR. They state that they would accept any certification from NASBLA approved training centers. Just like the Boat US Foundation. 


Anyways, I dont have family in the states, or else I would take the license for any of the states, print the certificate, get the license for PR with it and be legal. They would mail me the license so Im still in the process of asking IF they would accept my PR address. It would be great if I could, specially since Im going to Fl this summer I can maybe rent a boat and have some fun!! 


Anyways I just wanted to give you and update and maybe you guys have an idea that could help me. I dont want to have my Boat sitting in my garage for 2 months until I can use it. 

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