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Fishing A Large Pond For Largemouth In Early Spring

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Hello everyone my name is Michael and i am very new to the bass fishing scene i absolutely love it, but i need some help. I fish in a stained pond that is a couple of acres long it is currently early spring and i think it is the pre-spawn time here in east Tennessee. Any tips anyone has for me pretty much all the way around with Baits...I have pretty much only been throwing a 5 inch weightless senko and had some luck but not much else

STAINED POND, WATER TEMP=55 70 degrees, Pond was once COVERED in grass and lily pads but a year ago managment put tilapia and grass carp in our pond to make it look nicer, Hardly any submerged cover and i have no clue whats on the bottom or how deep it is......THANK YOU EVERYONE

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Since its stained water. I would start out by using dark color plastic baits as in black, blue, green pumpkin etc. Would get a crankbaits and try them out. If the fish are spawning they would be in the shallow waters.

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I would also start out with darker colors and maybe throw in a little chartreuse after a while. If the are spawning they will be in shallow and you could throw a squarebill and run it along the shore. Also, try baits that displace a lot water, it will get their attention...

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