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ha i like this guy's comment while saving 2/3 the money:

"All this says to me is that no matter what's already loaded on a new laptop, just format the drive and load clean. Easy enough!"


I respect this guys opinion too:


"What a dumb report. Comparing bloat-ware loaded laptops against a clean install of Windows on a Mac. Even if they were trying to measure the experience of an average user who doesn't know how to deal with bloatware, then that same user certainly won't even know how to install Windows on a Mac. What a joke."

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I will concede this point to you. Apple makes a good computer. Pricey as all hell, but good none the less. Seeing as how I both my laptops met tragic ends over the past two weeks. My son spilled a glass of milk on one. It fried all the internals. I got mad at the 7 year old one I take out of town with me, because it kept freezing up literally every two minutes. I might have lost my composure, and flung it across the room and into the hotel room door. It is now in pieces. I may someday be in the market for a new one. Depending on how long until my wife says we are getting one. My only beef with apple computers is the price. Otherwise I'm impressed with what they offer. I honestly never really use a computer aside for surfing the web. Everything else I do on my phone or my tablet.

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I've spilled drinks twice on my Dell XPS over the years and it still works! It the protector plate they put behind keyboard prevented it from getting to system board. Although two keys don't work. Hahahah

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I don't get that lucky. Boy had removed about 13 keys from the keyboard and lost them. That was about 2 years ago. I tell ya I just can't have nothing nice. :(

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