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Weed Less Treble Hooks

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Never used them in many years of crankbait fishing and probably never will. I figure if I'm fishing an area that doesn't allow the use of trebles, I'd rather fish other lures that are weedless or semi-weedless, such as spinnerbaits, Texas rigged or topwaters.

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I'd rather rip my treble hook lures free of the vegetation than spend the money to buy hooks that may possible lower the hook up ratio.  There is a reason why they are not all that popular. If they were any good, you'd probably see some of the guys on the FLW or Elite tours using them.  But I have yet to see any so....

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are you fishing from shore or boat?  i used to lose lots of treble lures from shore.  if you use 15lb fluoro or 10lb+ braid you can usually bend out hooks and get ur lure back.  i rarely lose lures from my canoe/kayak.  paddle over and use a lure knocker.  saves a fortune. here's my homemade one:

070412 1714[00]

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