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Snakeheads Now In New York City

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I just read this on the internet this morning.

Looks like all you Florida snakehead hunters have scared them out of Florida.

They are now in New York City!!!


"An Invasive predator fish that can live out of water for days to be hunted in Central Park, New York.

Environmental officials are planning to survey a Central Park lake this week to search for an invasive type of toothy predator fish that threatens to disrupt the ecosystem as one was quietly observed in Harlem Meer.

Signs have recently gone up around the Harlem Meer warning anyone who catches one not to throw it back

warning anglers to "secure the fish" and "keep it in a secure container until it is picked up by officials."

The sign is "just to let people know that this fish is in there, if you find it please do not return it to the water and it also helps people become aware that there are things in the water that should not be there," said Melissa Cohen, Department of Environmental Conservation fisheries manager.

The man-made lake is located in Central Park's northeast corner between 106th and 110th streets.

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It sounds to me like a reappearance of the infamous Landshark that enticed young women with offers of "Flowers" or "Candygrams"

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" the missing fish on NYC " NY have A LOT of water and places for those guys.


We will see if they can take the winter too.

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I feel like someone with a "not so good sense of humor" thought it would be funny to toss a few of them in water voilà, now they are up there. Not a fact but just a thought. Still have yet to catch one. I can't wait till i get my first one on my line. 

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