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St Peter's Mo Area Fishing

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Hello All,


Next week I am moving to St. Peter's, MO to start my new job. There is one small issue with is: I am completely unfamiliar with the fishing in this area and would love to know some good spots to go bank fishing nearby. From the looks of things, I might have to learn how to cast a fly rod with all the rivers and creeks in the area.


Any help is greatly appreciated.





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If you are looking right around St. Peters/St. Louis areas there are some small state maintained lakes. There's also Lake St. Louis in Wentzville but it may be private I'm not sure. If you have a boat and are willing to travel there are some great lakes a few hours drive from St. Louis. Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock, Bull Shoals, and Norfork just to name a few. Just south of the city is the Meramec River and a little further south is the St. Francois River. Also the Metro area is full of golf courses and most of them will let you fish them as long as it is late afternoon or on Monday's when several courses are closed for maintenance. 

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You can fish the banks of a lake at the St. Peters Golf Course. A friend of mine does well there, There 2 lakes at Fountain Lakes 370 an Elm Point Rd.  Lincoln Lake in Cuivre River State Park near Troy MO. This is a nice lake but bass tend to be small but people do well with cat ish. Bush Wild Life has many lakes to fish, Lakes 31 & 32 are off of D and you have to walk in a ways but is reported to be very productive. You can rent boats at Bush for $5.

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Where are you moving to?  I have lived in St. Charles/St. Peters area my whole life.  Other have stated many of your options.  There are other MDC owned properties in east central MO that have options in terms of places to fish.  


Also, the 370 Lakeside park offers fishing opportunities.

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