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Canal Behind My House, Redux!!! Awesomeness!!!

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For those of you who followed my "Canal Behind My House, Help!" thread here: http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-forums/topic/112227-canal-behind-my-house-help/ I have an update!!!


So I almost disregarded it as a viable fishing spot since I never really got a lot of bass there. BUT, my new found love for, gasp!, snakeheads has drawn me back to it today, since I remember seeing a lot of them in this tiny little canal in my back yard... so it rainded hard in S.FL. today, but around 7pm it started to ease off. I grabbed my rod (Compre with Curado, 50lbs Braid, hollow body frog rig) and headed out. I walked to one end of it and started casting... 20 minutes later, nothing. So I started heading back home. I walked past 2 snakeheads and spooked one. I slowly backed away 10 yards or so and threw my frog right over the spot where they were... BAM!!!!! Fish on! Fish on! I pulled my first fish of the evening! I was pumped! So I walked further in a direction of house I never fished around. As I'm slowly walking scouting the water, I see a patch of sunk green vegetation with another snakehead sitting right on top of it! I back out again, slowly. Cast. Nothing. Cast again. Nothing. I though I spooked it. But I try again... BAM!!!!! Another snakehead on the hook!!! At this point I'm giggling like a little girl!!!! I love snakehead fishing and I just found a spot loaded with them... IN MY BACK YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyways, I'm pumped! See pics of the fish, canal, and what they did to my frog hooks! 50lbs line held up, hooks not so much!





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Nice. That frog hook was mangled...  :punch-2:



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Nice spot and nice snakeheads

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