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My Own Pre-Opener

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I got my license today in preparation or the opener tomorrow and I couldn't wait any longer, so I went to the neighborhood pond with my ultra-light gear and an inline spinner in search of some "panfish". Those pesky bass and trout wouldn't leave it alone! I caught about 15 dinks (and I do mean dinks) in total in only an hour!: about 6 rainbows (my first time EVER catching a trout!) and the rest bass. I hooked into about 6 more, but the spinner i was using is kinda old and the hook is obviously not very sharp (I really didn't plan on catching anything, so I threw it on just to get out fishing). I would have stayed out longer, but rain + wind + barely above freezing makes for a cold afternoon, especially when you leave your house and think "eh, it's not that cold".


The moral of this story (and one that would make for a good topic): make sure your hooks are sharp.


Also: trout are fun. I can see the allure. Even though they were only little guys, they ran around like crazy. There were a bunch that made me think "man, finally a good one" only for it to be another small one that had a lot of heart.


This is going to be a good year if it starts like this.

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