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Very Odd Day Of Fishing

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So today I woke up at 5:45 am (45 minutes late), I had packed the vehicle up the night before thank goodness or I would've been later than I wanted to start on the water.  I headed out the door at 6am and reached the local lake 15 minutes later.  It took me another 30 minutes to set up my inflatable with a trolling motor.  Of course should've known the day was going to be bad because I forgot to load up my fish finder.  So I said heck with it doesn't matter, I know this lake fish it all the time.  Go to my first spot on the lake, started off throwing a swimjig.  I had one swipe at it near the boat.  Looked to be about a 2lber, kept trying for another 20 casts or so..nothing.  So I decided to try a buzzbait since all around I have been seeing activity (fish jumping, baitfish boiling).  On my 2nd cast the buzzbait snapped off on the cast as I accidentally engaged my baitcaster.  I was like what the, never have done that accidentally.  Then I noticed the spooled mono line on it that I had put on it a few weeks ago looked brittle.  Ah oh well it happens I shrug it off.  So I grabbed my rod with a super fluke on it.  About 40 casts and nothing hitting.


Getting a little frustrated,  I decided to troll down the shore line slowly as I casted toward the shore with a KVD 1.5 about my 3rd cast.  SLAMMMM!  I mean it was hit and the fish was on, as I was trying to keep the pressure on, noticed I was starting to be pulled around.  VERY Excited at this point, as I kept trying to reel in slack as my boat kept getting pulled by this fish.  Then I noticed up ahead..he was heading for cover (lots of trees and stump field.  I was like OH NO gotta get him in, stop him.  I just couldn't put enough pressure to keep it out of there and then snag...the fish wrapped me around a downed tree.  I reeled and pulled myself close, trying to see if I could see where the line was, but couldn't as it was about 10ft of water down.  Waited for 1 minute to see if it would come around, but nothing so I had to take the loss and snap it.  (BTW Yo Zuri 12lb is pretty hefty took a lot of oomph for me to break it.)  Very disappointed, I didn't get to see it so wasn't even sure it was a bass, all I know was..whatever it was big...I then noticed I didn't bring a back up crankbait!  So I tied on a white and cht spinnerbait, 3rd cast just as it splashed down I caught a 2lber...which turned out to be my only fish.  A few short strikes later on my spinnerbaits I noticed my trolling motor was starting to slow down.  I'm like weird, I charged my battery 2 nights ago.  So I had to call it quits and chug back in.  It was just one of those "days" today, where everything went wrong.  Just wasn't my day.  However, what I learned today is...I need to be more prepared and not be lazy as I should've just brought my shorefishing boxes so I had backup.  :cry3:


Oh I forgot to add, I was wacky rigging a BPS Stik-O and got 3 bites and each time my stik-o was gone.  On the 2nd one I figured it was the O ring that it's too loose and the fish are just sucking in the baits off my O Ring (even though I also go through the top of the stik-o too), put on a new one..few minutes later bite number 3...same thing?  Has that happen to you guys before?  The 1st literally I saw the fish's head come out and took my bait, just about to set the hook....line went limp and my stik-o was gone.

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So why did you PO God?


Only thing I can think of about your day.


Actually, everyone has a bad day now and then.


And we all forget something sooner or later.


As for the stick baits being sucked off your set up, the O-Rings may have stretched a little due to the heat or past use and the baits were easy for the bass to pick up their head or tail and walk off with it.  Happens all the time. Easy fix: use new O-Rings next time.


Had a bass take my shaky head and head for the wood in my double secret pond. Since I was in my raft all I could do was hold on and adjust the drag so she could run a little and not pop the line.  Ended up losing her in the wood but saved my shaky head jig head.  The fight was fun while it lasted and I know where she lives.


I am sure your next adventure will be outstanding with a four-pounder on every cast, other than for your first cast. It is bad luck to either catch a bass on your first cast of the day or have a banana in the boat. You didn't have a banana in your boat did you? Never have a banana in your boat. It is bad luck.


Keep us posted on your future adventures.

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