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Too Many Times...

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   Too Many times us pros, bass fisher, etc. dont realize or forget how we got

into the bass fishing world. Well today you can share your story. And remember 

if you started out when you were young someone taking you look find search for

a kid who likes or wants to go. Unlike the hunting industry which may crash. We need

this on to the next generation. So the next generation can lead it and make it strong.



I will share my story and I suggest you to ponder on how you got into this world.


   Back in 2005 I begin to watch fishing shows on Outdoor Channel and watch these guys 

fish and enjoy it so much. I begin to ask some of the older guys about this sport. My parents

were divorced and I lived with my mother so she could never take me. I asked the church the 

gentlemen at the church about fishing and one man by the name of Don Rainwater. He got me

new baitcaster and told to go home and practice. And now thats all Ive used. Love me a good

baitcaster, A couple of times I went fishing with him and he taught how to fish the Texas Rigged 

worm. Now he told to carry what Ive been taught to the next generation. Im 16 now and love taking

some kids to the pond or PFA. 



Thankful for Mr.Don and how he left his legacy, He is still around and still teaching me.



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How I got into fishing:

4 years ago I used to hear all my friends talk about walleye fishing so I thought I'd go with them. We went under a bridge in town, being 12-13 years old shore fishing was all we could do. My friend let me use his 20$ rod ad reel combo and a mister twister and jig and somehow I caught a 16" keeper walleye and I was surprised as all heck and stuck my fingers in his mouth to find teeth. A week later I found my dads old 6'6" Shakespeare ML rod in the garage with 20year old mono and took it to the river around my house and sat under the bridge and casted my mister twister and jig combo for 10 minutes then I thought I got a snag because my rod was bent in half and I wasn't moving it. I started to reel in and I knew then after my rod pumping up and down it was a fish, turned out to be a 3lb smallie. I spent the next 3 months reading every fishing book in the library and watching bass fishing videos on YouTube from after dinner till midnight... I will never forget the feeling of that ML rod bending in half..

That's why I bass fish.

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