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Weedless Lures, Dont Let The Weeds Stop You From Fishing

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Weeds love it or hate them there not going away anytime soon till the fall. Don't let the weeds stop us from fishing. There are some unique, weird looking lures that still produce bass. I have no clue what they look like to the fish but again they work.


1. Mepps Timber Doodle


You can successfully use this over and threw structure. Reel it very slow over weeds letting it fall into the weed pockets. Or just move it slow over the submerged weeds.


Example,  The two of us were fishing together one with live minnows and me with the tumbler doodle size 0 in silver, white split tail grub trailer. We stayed neck and neck pulling out fish together. I would drop it into the weed pockets and pull up a bass on every cast. At one point I out fished the live bait in the thick weeds. It's the flash plus the movement of the lifelike trailer.


2. Mister Twister Top Prop


This is another awesome weedless lure too. I can reel it slowly just fast enough so the prop will turn

and churn the water. It use my 1, 2, 3  pause presentation. Or reel, then pause and repeat. On the pause

This lure goes kind of vertical but don't get nervous it's ok and topwater strike a do happen when it's paused. Just make sure you have the trailer hook on it. I can't say enough about this lure its awesome even in the early mornings and late evenings too.



3. Plastic Worms


Either rigged with a  very small split shot or not but you need it rigged weedless with the point of the hook a tad 

inside the body of the plastic worm. Using a floating worm is a plus too.


You can use all the other plastics too in topwater presentations.


4.  Floating Crankbaits 


We can use any floating crankbait in a topwater situation over submerged weeds. If it has a rattle that's a plus too. We can stop it over the deeper weed pockets and twitch it ringing the dinner bell.


5. Spinnerbaits


Holding your rod tip up letting the spinner bait blade slap the topwater while reeling it very slow is the best presentation over surface weeds. Over submerged weeds you still need to go slow. The Carolina or Indiana blade will make this "pluck" or "pop" noise when it slaps the water attracting fish. Over submerged weeds we can also use smaller inline spinners and spin flys too. Just adjust your reel speed to keep it above the weeds but as close to them as you can get.


This is what I do with weed fishing. So what's your favorite presentation and pattern for weed fishing?

We can fish in the middle of summer with success without fighting the weeds. Post what you do too. There are more patterns I'm sure that I haven't tried yet that I'd like to hear about too. I'm always looking for learning new things too. Let's talk about weed fishing.


I'm not a pro but I do take my bass fishing seriously.

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