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Soft Plastic Storage?

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So I am sure this has been asked before.. Do you guys keep your soft plastics in a bag or out of the bag in a plano box?? AND WHY?? 



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I think a lot of people do both.  I like to keep my straight tail worms and senkos in plano boxes since there shape works well in the trays and I think it helps them not get bent out of shape like they can in the the bag because they are encased by the hard plastic sides rather than the flexible packaging that they usually come in. 


Another thing I do is have technique specific boxes with a mix of plastics and terminal tackle.  Take jigs for example.  Sometimes I'll pack a box that is 75% jigs and then 25% trailers.  I try to do this if I know I'm on a certain bite.  It helps save time rather than having to search through bags of plastics for a trailer, then digging through other sections of tackle to find the right jig.  If I condense them at home before my trip, it gives me more time with my bait in the water.  Another example is drop-shotting.  If I'm gonna drop shot, I'll put hooks, weights, swivels, and different kinds of plastics in a box to try throughout the day.


I change out my tackle trays a lot!  Before and after each trip, I usually modify the way my tackle is stored in some way or another. 


If you choose to put your plastics in tackle trays, make sure you watch for water in there.  Nothing worse than not fishing for a week or two, then finding all the soft plastics in your box swelled up with water and useless on your next trip.

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