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Vintage Rods And Reels

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Well after watching that cool Abu Garcia video and thinking I had some of the old spin cast reels I dug them out today. Well they aren't the Abu reels I thought they were but they are matching shakespear wondercast reels and wonderods. They are in excellent condition other then stained cork on the rods and the one reel has a cracked knob. Did a quick search on google seen the rods go for $20-50 and the reels look like they go for $15.

Debating if I should hold onto them for a man cave decoration or sell them on eBay and put towards a new rod.

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I've done both.  The rods and reels that I still have from the late 1950s to mid-1960s I keep around as keepsakes and also fish them occasionally.  In the mid-1980s I bought a bunch of rods and reels - of those, some of the reels have been moved on eBay but many of them are on display in my den/office.  Most of the 1980s rods are gone but I still fish one (an ultralight). 


Just depends on how much emotional attachment you have with the gear I guess...

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Found them in a barn when I was like 12 when doing hay on the farm. The old man said to take them so I did and they have been in my attic since

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I was on vacation in Maine and seen my first spinning reels in an antique shop for $70.

I have the D.A.M. QUICK Spinning reels. I have on older Fenwick and a Garcia five star rods that go with them.

You know your old when your first good fishing equipment becomes antique. This stuff was used for trout only a few months a year.

I purchased cheap trout reels for bass fishing in the very beginning but the bass killed the reels. With a constant diet of 2 & 3lbers they wore the reel out.

Sorry I went on a roll. I also collect older fishing stuff too. Anything that's not expensive and some stuff that's not really collectable yet. I have many steel fishing poles with baitcaster reels, telescopic steel fishing rod, the first plain Jane plastic lures etc. I grab anything that's part of fishing history for my man cave someday.

Been buying old pictures of southern Maine on eBay too. From the late 1890's to the 1930's. I like the history of the old days and the clothes they wore. It's preserring history for the future generations of my family so they can see how things looked over 100 years ago.

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