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Not The Best Day At The Lake... Why?

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So let me start by saying, I'm brand new to bass fishing (and yall have been awesome on this forum)... Keeping that in mind, here's my question. So I went to a lake I've never been to around here tonight. I went with a couple spinnerbait I wanted to try, some senkos (t-rigged), and my buddy with nightcrawlers.  We got little to no bites. We moved a few times to different parts of the lake with no success, with everyone around us sharing the same luck. Even with my buddy dangling nightcrawlers off a hook got no nibbles. There was some activity, while most seemed further out, we were stuck on the bank with no boat. Is it possible this lake doesn't do well at night? We just weren't out far enough? Or maybe I just have a lot too learn... oh wait, I knew that already lol. So what's that sound like to you guys'?


Also, I'd like to find a good lake/river around here for bass fishing, but have no idea how to start. Is there an easier way than just trying every lake/river till I find a good one? When asking, "Where do you fish?", the response usually goes something like, "Not anywhere around here.". I've looked at fishing reports for lakes in the area, as an example ---http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishboat/fish/recreational/lakes/canyon/--- and if it says like in this one that largemouths are good, does that really mean much from your experience? Just any tips you could also give on where to find a good lake or river would be awesome!  Thanks and have a nice day!

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This time of the year is going to be very slim pickings for a bank fisherman.  With the heat, bass will find deeper structure.  You may catch a few off of the bank, but they will probably be between 1/2 - 1 lbsers.  See if you can find a lake map.  Maybe you can cast to some drop offs that aren't too far from shore.  That will be your best bet.

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Mathnerdm, update your profile, with your general location, and some local guys who are members of BR can help you. As far as your question, no two lakes are created the same. It was also the first time out to that lake so you have to get familiarized with it. Going, out at night limited your vision, to see what the cover looked like. Since you are new to bass fishing and to this site, read up as much as you can on the article section on night fishing. Scout the lake you went to during the day, and see what it looks like. Then come back with a game plan at night and try again. Good Luck.

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I have never fished a body of water that does not produce at night, now that being said I have certainly went fishless a many of night.....so I do not think in your case it is because you were fishing at night.  The fish are either not in the area, not actively feeding, or just not interested in what you were throwing....as Brandon said you are at a huge disadvantage fishing from the bank because of the limits on where you can fish.......I fish from the bank often and it can be frustrating, you just have to accept you will not be successful each time out, but that goes for all fishing.

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