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Old Walter

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It was click , click ,click coming from my reel ,as I watched  the line return slowly to the spool and fill !


And then suddenly the pole came to life,as  I felt  something pulling with all of its might !


Looking out on the lake I could  see, the churning of water with its fins pulling away from me !


I checked my drag not once but twice, knowing full well if I lost him it would not be nice !


Then he lunged to the air twisting like lightening, flipping and spinning the glimmer was frightening !


 Those that were watching that morning day, stood wide eyed and motionless like clay!


Never before least not since Perry , had a fish given fight it was getting quite scary !


 He made a run to the left and right , then deep down heading for the branches and pipes !


I pulled and set firm not once did I falter , I knew at long last I had hooked," Old Walter" !


 Keeping my cool as relaxed as could be ,I slowly so slowly brought him into me !


Old Walter was determined to give it one more try, so he mustard up his strength and jumped for the sky !


 Pop was the sound as the barb bent free, and once again, "Old Walter" was at liberty ! 


By Lanzbass : copyright 2013

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That is way cool.  Are there more?

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Are there more? ...Yes . Glad you liked it :)

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