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New To Bow Hunting

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Bout a week ago I went to set stands with my fishin buddy and that was enough spark to start a fire! 


I've been wanting to hunt since I was a little kid and am finally gonna do it this year! With the help of some good friends I'm well onto my way of being set up. 


I went down to a friends house the other night to check out a bow I was gonna buy from him if I liked it and when I got there he said it's your now before I even gave him any money! Just plum gave it to me. He said he was just happy to help someone get started into hunting and get me going! 


Hope one day I can pay it forward just like did!


Gotta wait till my first real pay check from milking cows to get out fitted with clothing and stuff. Right now I just got the bow, a mid layer upper, and a couple arrows I bought today. Broad heads, boots, cloths, and sent protection is gonna run my wallet dry in no time, but it'll be well worth it! 


I was hoping some more experienced hunters could offer some tips and advice too! 





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Now that's a friend!!! Gave ya a nice hoyt love hoyts

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Congrats on the new bow!


As far as tips...


practice, practice, practice


Don't take shots you're not comfortable making, you owe it to the animal to make as clean and ethical shot you can.  This being your first year I would say limit yourself to like 20yd or closer (majority of my shots are around that 20 yard mark).


Hunt the wind.


Don't get caught up in all the gimmicks out there.  All you really need is warm clothes, sharp BH's and LOTS of patience.


Flex test those arrows before you shoot.


If you're using a treestand wear a safety harness.


If you're hunting the morning and considering calling it...give it 20 more minutes.  Ha!


You can read on the internet or watch hunting shows til you're blue in the face, nothing will teach you more than putting time in the field.


Have fun and be careful. Good luck.

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Thanks guys! Appreciate the tips TJ... safety harness is definitely high on the list of things to get after cloths!


I think I really scored good for my first bow, good quality bow and the price was as good as it comes! :respect-059:  

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That's an awesome bow. He definitely hooked you up. Clothes ain't got to be expensive. My primary get up is 19dollar mossy oak pants, an 8dollar mossy oak t shirt, my head rag, some face paint, and scent spray. I've had great success without the 100 plus dollar pants and 200 plus dollar jackets. If I'm feeling like high balling I break out the gilly suit. Still even then I paid less than 80 bucks for it. I refuse to believe that you have to spend 300 plus dollars on camo, in order to be successful at deer hunting. Enjoy and have fun. Just enjoy being out in nature.

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Good base layers are far more important than what the deer see. Break up your outline, keep movement down and play the wind and just about any camo will do. However, when temps drop, you want to be comfortable more than anything and that is when your base layers come in to play.

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