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Quantum Bill Dance Dr 301Cx Baitcaster Bearing Upgrade

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I cant make I silk purse out of a sows ear but.....I made this reel a tad smoother. I have a new Quantum Bill Dance DR 301 CX bait caster reel. I noticed it had a brass or bronze bushing bearing on the mag brake housing. Now in purchasing some higher priced reels I noticed they had ball bearings on the brake side. These bare spools with the ball bearing and the mag brake on zero spun faster and longer than my reel with the bushing bearing. My new quantum code red bait caster brake side ball bearing looked similar in the outside diameter as the bushing bearing in the bill dance reel. Both spools have the same diameter shaft. I went to "tackle service" and ordered the code red ball bearing and the retaining clip incase I lost the original clip. The bearing & clip numbers are, HV080-01 & QV017-01 This is for the ball bearing upgrade on the Mag brake side. I installed it and it works. I think it was $10 or $15. Sorry I just have to tinker with stuff. Bigbill


Be careful there is or can be a "U" shaped shim under the plate that holds the magnets that moves out and In to adjust the magnets. To reassemble this shim between the spring and the mag plate I put some reel grease to hold it in place while you install the screws to mount it.

I guess they install a shim to make the mag plate parallel to the spool. I'm thinking some reels have it and some don't.

Make sure when you disassemble any reel that you have a cookie sheet pan so your little parts a can't go MIA. Be careful with those little screws, clips and springs if we give them any freedom they seem to wander off.

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