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well what did u guys think? I dunno to me it was a little bit of a miss..... kinda seems like everything there now a days is stuff off their tackle stores selves they cant sell... I mean unlike your dave's tackle, an Greentop had a nice instore promotion this weekend with the show, But really other than that i dunno some interesting booths there, But kinda not like it use to be a while back.. Let me hear your guys input! But hey i gotta say one thing I did get ALOT of flippin an pitchin baits FOR CHEAP!!!! almost a whole box of assort. ZOOM, yum F2, an a bunch of creature baits FOR A GREAT PRICe!!! YEa looks like they been in the back of his shop for a while but can NEVER Have enough flippin baits... That an had gotten some trokar hooks for 4.99 a pack thought that was nice but not what i really wanted in selection! THanks GUYS!!! hope you all had FUN!

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I had a great time.  Met some old friends and had a great time with Bobby Uhrig and his staff.


Found some baits not in BPS or Green Top and purchased them at a good price.


Ihave no idea what improvements can be made at a fishing show? Baits are baits and unless the retailer has a different line that you are interested in there is not that much you can purchase. Of course, you can have Dave's Tackle make some spinnerbaits for you at the show or stand and watch him do it. He makes it look so easy.


As for speakers, great lineup. The guy with the Oklahoma Tub was a super nice guy and I got some plastics from him.


GMCO maps had their display so you could update your maps; lots of specialty rods and so many reels your head would spin looking at them all.


Nice selection of guides and Robbie from Propeller Dynamics and his trolling motor lifts were very interesting. I put them on my trolling motor this past summer and they make lifting and putting the trolling motor into and out of the water easy. You can do it with one hand.


The Sonar Professor was there but he was too busy for me to talk with him.


I guess the show is what you make of it.

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yea i got some real magic for a good price, Gmco i had updated a couple of my maps also, I had a goodtime i did

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I also got to speak with bobby talked with John Crews for a few minutes had Randy Howell explain to me why I need to throw the senko saw a friends new legend 211R up close for the first time got a new spinning reel and pretty much had a good time

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