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Svs Infinity,how Complex Is This System?

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I know some guys on this forum are using it now, what are the true benefits of this new braking method ? How durable will it be? Is it truly superior to VBS ? If so, why?

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I guess the benefit is more adjustability.  VBS gives you six brakes, and in some cases you can play with different weight brake blocks.  SVS also gives you 6 brakes (and two different weight brake blocks were included with my reel), as well as a six-position external adjustment.  Set the internal brakes to fit optimum conditions, use the external adjust to compensate for conditions.


Adjustability is all theory for me right now as I got my SVS reel (Antares) just as winter broke and I have VERY little time on the water with it.


Some people have commented on the maintenance requirement in the instruction manual to lube the brake pipe every 5 trips or once a month...but Bantam1 (Shimano rep on TT) clarified that there was a translation error when preparing the English language manual. Bantam states that SVS shouldn't really require any more maintenance than VBS.  The brakes get noisy, or you think you're losing casting distance, add a drop of oil on the brake pipe.

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Not all reels with SVS have six blocks. The Chronarch CI4 only has 4 blocks. But so far I'm very pleased with this system. Seems easier to adjust, and able to dial the braking in such that I don't lose casting distance but also don't have to thumb the spool at all and no backlash. I've only had the Chronarch out about 4 times testing it on the creek behind my house. Hoping it performs well in windy and challenging conditions.

As far as complexity, doesn't seem complex to me at all. Very simple and trouble free adjustment.

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