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Carbonlite Vs Duckett Ghost?

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I can't speak for the carbonlite but I purchased a duckett ghost last week. I haven't really used it much but I played around in my pond with it. Extremely lite and sensitive I believe it's going to be one of my favorite rods this year!

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I have a 7'6" MH carbonlite micro,  and i know Carbonlites get alot of love on the board, but im just not crazy about it mine.


Handled a Ghost rod yesterday and would easily pick the Ghost over the Carbonlite, if its between these two, warning though I am a Duckett fan first. I have 4 Micro Magics to be honest :)


You just gotta pick them up and see for yourself everyone is different. But i dont think you could go wrong with either rod.

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Go with the carbonlite man. I been waiting on the ghosts for a long time and they're a disappointment. Carbon lights are alot lighter and theyre higher quality. I have a 7ft medhvy. Its amazing.

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Admittedly I've never used a Duckett Ghost but I personally have a Carbonlite.


The Carbonlite is one of the lightest and most responsive rods I've ever had. I have the Microguide version.


I have a buddy who's got several St. Croix and a couple G. Loomis rods.....he's impressed with the Carbonlite.


So there ya go. HA! Take my word for it if you'd like.


Since Duckett is a superb quality rod, and I have personally experienced the qualities of the Carbonlite......it seems you couldn't go wrong really with either one.


This might be a way to justify buying both rods? Haha  :respect-059:

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