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The Good Thing About Unboxing Fishing Videos

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  I've noticed there are many unboxing videos, or what I like call "adults show and tell" videos on YouTube.  In the past I thought unboxing videos were OK to learn about a certain item but recently I've discovered unboxing videos can be very beneficial to some people.  For instance, a lot of people like to show their boxes from Mystery Tackle Box and other services like that.  I don't subscribe to those services but I enjoy watching the unboxing videos because it lets me find out about lure manufacturers that I had no idea existed before.  If it was't for  those unboxing videos I would not have found out about Reaction Innovations lures, Lunker City lures and Jackall lures.  After I watch a video and find a new soft plastic lure I've never seen before I go and investigate it and check out the prices on Tackle Warehouse and eventually I order or might order those lures.  


 So for the fisherman who is after new lures to try, I think those unboxing videos are pretty helpful.  

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I think a lot of those are folks who just want their faces on the internet. I find most of them difficult to watch at best. For the most part they are feeding me 10 minutes of info I can read elsewhere in 2.

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