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Pour Boy Plastic Bait company

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Anyone ever heard of them? Ive heard of "POOR BOY Bait company" But not POUR BOY Bait company" Are they basically the same company with different names?

The "POUR BOY" Company I am referring to is based out Poway California and the have a website: www.pourboyplastics.com which appears to be down or non existant.

I just picked up 4 bags of their 10 ct 4.2 inch Meaty Beaver Baits on Ebay .These are Hand Poured as the name brand implies,and a VERY nice bait.Colors are "Xmas Purple","Pumpkin Pepper Purple Flake","Blue Raspberry" and "Midnight Fire" Id like to look into perhaps purchasing more product from them but cant find anymore info.These were the only bags the Ebay seller had,and he was based of Wisconsin.

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Label on the bags of bait

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Anybody making/selling that design is getting sued over right now.Reaction Innovations owns the rights to that bait. Which is why you are seeing a lot of sellers dropping that bait from their line up.

I'm gonna bet that might be a good reason why their site is not around right now.Trying to avoid lawsuits.

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