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coryn h. fishowl

Slogans, Superbowls, And Commercials

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It's hard to bring the superbowl into caonversations on a fishing forum, but I've managed to find a way. If you could make a commercial for fishing products, or make a slogan....what would it be. Possible slogans for me:

Duct tape-"If you can't solve a problem with duct tape...you're just not using enough duct tape!"

Gamakatsu- "Designed to make bass hold on longer, with extra salt we got from you body while we were bleeding you dry at the cashier."

Ragetail- "If you can't solve a problem with a rage tail...then you must be finesse fishing." (They have nothing for finesse fishing. or "Tail so nice it should be living with Hugh Hefner." 

  • You see a rage tail bait getting cast out of sight, into a marshy area, near cattails and lily pads, then all up a sudden...BAM, out jump Charlie Sheen, chasing along a point parallel to the moving bait, running and jumping like the freerunner that would obviously being doing the stunts for him. Then he get to the end of the point, and jumps at the bait in the water in slow, dramatic motion, and SPLASH! Then you see the name and hear an announcer say "Tail so nice, Charlie Sheen should be chasing it." (We could substitute Charlie with a CGI Hefner.) Then you see KVD lift his lure out the water with Sheen hanging on and he shakes his head.

KVD products-"It's got my name on it...need I say more."

  • Commercial: KVD pitching and flipping on a boat, then he turns to look at the camera, still fishing, says the slogan "KVD products...It's got my name on it...need I say more," and just as he finishes it he pulls a giant fish into the boat. Meanwhile Dale Earnhardt is doing doughnuts in a grassy field in the background.

Lazer Trokar-"So sharp you won't feel the hook sticking out of you neck." or "So sharp you feel the barbed hook in you until you have to pull it out." or "Made for your convienience, so sharp it doesn't hurt when you get stuck, so you can keep on fishing." 

  • Commercial: You see a man about 50 feet away, fishing at sunset; then they have a close up shot of his smiling face. Then the camera slowly zooms out and you see dozens of hooks dug into his arms and neck and legs, still happily casting, His next cast catches his pants and rips them off, while he just keeps casting happily. Then the image blurs and the name and slogan comes up.  "Made for your convienience, so sharp it doesn't hurt when you get stuck, so you can keep on fishing." 

Bass Pro Shops-"The industry's best enabler, feeding your addictions since 1971."

Cabelas-"You can list us as a church on your taxes, after all, you donate 10% percent of you income to us anyway."


  • Guy pulls into his driveway, confused at the sight of cars on his lawn and the sound of music. He sneaks into his garage and starts to don his fishing gear...SLAM the door opens and his wife is standing there. "You forgot about the party." "I was gonna go fishing," he says. Suddenly you see her smile and as the camera zooms out, see that she is wearing a Cabelas shirt, and realize she wants to go too "Well we would have to get these people out then wouldn't we...her expression :happy-138:  his expression... :eh: She goes, grabs a couple of power bait packages from his tackle box, and walks into the house, she opens them and puts one behind the sofa, one in the refrigerator, another in the cooler and underneath the table. The guest start pinching their noses "Oh my god! What is that smell!" They start running out and a 20-something woman walks up to the wife, "MOM! What did you do?!" Then you see the husband and wife drive away, a boat in tow and hear an announcer say "Power Bait, Holy Crap it stinks." or "Powerbait...It'll clear out a room."

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