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BPS Nitro Shad opinions?

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I have bought store brand baits in the past and have not been real happy with them. Usually the paint chips off in a week or they're impossible to tune, seems like they are usually lacking in some area. I was checking out the Nitro Shad on the BPS web site and the reviews look really good. The price is very appealing as well. Was curious what you guys think of these baits and how they match up to the big names like Rapala, Strike king, etc. Thanks fellers.

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I have a few BPS crankbaits. I think they have 2 quality levels - XPS/Lazer Eye and Professional series. I do not have any BPS "professional" series crankbaits because if I'm going to spend $7, I go with a name brand. What stands out to me are the cheap hooks. The paint varies (which is hard to tell with online pictures). The lures with a matte-finish (olive shad, table rock) seem to hold up better. The metallic-flash paint (firetiger) chips easily. By the time I change the hooks, I might as well have gone with Bomber, Strike King, Xcaliber, etc if you are considering cost.

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